Tracking what counts

Why tracking SRHR policies and funding ?

Countdown 2030 Europe advocates for increased funding and a higher quality of international cooperation funds for family planning as well as inclusion of sexual and reproductive health and rights and family planning (SRHR/FP) in national, European and global policy agendas.

We believe it is crucial to hold governments accountable for the funding and policy promises they made to protect the sexual and reproductive freedom of people across the globe.

Thus, one of our core activities is to collect financial data on Countdown 2030 Europe country governments’ Official Development Assistance (ODA) for SRHR/FP. Based on the latest data collected, we develop trends analyses for Europe and each of the individual European donor countries on support for SRHR/FP.

Countdown 2030 Europe is committed to publishing these reports annually.

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Latest Data

According to our latest financial data released in March 2023, European donor governments and the European Union (EU) have managed to maintain support in 2021: Donors contributed 2.780 billion Euros to SRHR , an amount comparable to the one disbursed in 2020. 12 out of the 13 European donors under review either increased or maintained funding compared to the previous year.

But data also shows that the portion of this funding going to sexual and reproductive health and family planning decreased for the first time in 4 years to 1.385 billion Euros. This is an 8% decrease compared to the previous year.

To meet people’s care needs by safeguarding universal access to safe and modern methods of contraception, UNFPA has estimated that donors will need to increase their investment eightfold by 2030. Specifically, 65.1 billion Euros will be needed between 2020-2030; a far cry from the 8 billion Euros expected to be provided by donors. 

For a detailed and interactive overview of expenditures, check out our data tool further down.

Our methodology

We explain why the C2030E tracking methodology was created, how it has changed over the years and what sets our tracking apart from other available information on SRHR funding trends.

Data tool

#AWorldWhere SRHR/FP is adequately funded is possible.

Geopolitical context

Apart from tracking funding for SRHR/FP, Countdown 2030 Europe also looks at the relevant policies developed and analyses how vocal European donor countries and the European Union have been on the international stage with regards to SRHR/FP. See below our analysis including links to key policy documents and frameworks.

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Read our latest tracking report, including summary factsheet and country and EU briefs, here.

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