We advocate for sexual
& reproductive care for all

Who we are

Countdown 2030 Europe is the ‘go-to’ cross-country sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) expert Consortium in Europe seeking to increase European SRHR funding in international cooperation and strengthen political support for sexual and reproductive freedom worldwide. The Consortium is made up of 15 leading European non-governmental organisations and is coordinated by IPPF European Network.

We believe that we can overcome the global challenges we face today only through collective action and international solidarity by which we mean a fundamental shift in power relations and systems change. We believe that acting for sexual and reproductive freedom across the globe strengthens our society as a whole.

A unified, but contextualised collaborative platform​
Working in synergy, linking up national, regional & international level action​
Combining sound evidence-based expertise & advocacy + accountability work

What we do

Since 2005, we drive the European global political engagement and financial commitments on universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and family planning (SRHR/FP) within the international cooperation sphere and we hold European donor governments and the European Union to account for their SRHR/FP policy and funding commitments to achieve Gender Equality and Health for all. 

Countdown 2030 Europe aims to make Europe a progressive and accountable global partner and financial supporter of SRHR/FP.

How we fight for positive change


We develop evidence-based advocacy and research funding trends to keep SRHR/FP, gender equality, health for all and international cooperation front and centre in Europe.


We focus on continuous learning and strive to always improve ourselves and our work to adapt it to new challenges and to the currently ever changing world.

Advocacy & Accountability

We advocate at national, European and international level for increased SRHR/FP funding and better policies from European donors and we hold them accountable for their commitments.


We use strategic communications to change the hearts and minds of decision makers and ensure SRHR/FP are seen as crucial to international cooperation.

Our successes

Over the last 5 years Countdown 2030 Europe has:

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