#AWorldWhere is a campaign aiming to drive Europe’s global commitments on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), including family planning (FP), to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets, advance gender equality and strengthen health systems.

We are members of an interconnected society and what affects one of us, affects us all. Everyone in society has the right to live with dignity and we believe it is our collective responsibility to ensure we all do.

Our fates are intertwined across the globe when it comes to the impact climate change, conflict, economic collapses, and pandemics have on all of us. This is also the case when we lose rights and freedoms, especially bodily autonomy. Being denied the ability to make decisions about our health hurts our community and is damaging to everyone.

On the other hand, protecting sexual and reproductive rights around the world is an act of love to protect and uphold the global society we are a part of. SRHR allows a world where people are healthier and happier, and able to contribute, participate and act as agents of positive change in our society. A world where possibilities open up, from securing the economic wellbeing of families and communities, to bridging the gender equality gap and fighting for climate justice globally. We believe that our world is safer and healthier when we recognize our fates are shared. We acknowledge that the inequalities we experience today that lock people in a cycle of limited options were created by a patriarchal, capitalist and colonial system. But we can redesign the systems and create a world where everyone benefits. We must work together to hold institutions and systems accountable for equitable SRHR policies, laws and funding allocations that allow people the ability to live their own lives. 

In a world where everyone is equal, regardless of gender or gender identity, race, disability status, age, religion etc. In a world where everyone has access to healthcare. In a world where we are all free.


Youth advocates for sexual and reproductive rights

Buya Nabie

24, Sierra Leone


23, Kyrgyzstan

Rosa Joyce

24, Cameroon

#AWorldWhere sexual and reproductive health and rights are fulfilled would be:

More equal

All individuals regardless of their gender, race, religion, disability status, income, have access to the same rights, including SRHR, and opportunities and their needs are equally valued.

More inclusive

The systems in place work for everyone, breaking down discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, economic status, age, disability, religion etc.

More just

All people have access to the sexual and reproductive health and rights they need regardless where they come from, who they love and what’s in their wallet.

More healthy

Everyone can live in good health and get quick, affordable and compassionate sexual and reproductive health care.

To achieve #AWorldWhere all people are equal, free, fulfilled and have access to care, we need:

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