Spotlight on Europe – trends and developments from select European donors

European donors have continuously demonstrated commitment towards promoting universal access to sexual and reproductive health and family planning (SRH/FP). This agenda is advanced through introducing or reinforcing policy and funding commitments, following pledges as part of FP2020 and other initiatives, such as SheDecides. This is also the case for some non-pledging European donor countries, who continue to support SRH/FP through political and funding commitments as part of their official development assistance (ODA).

This Spotlight identifies overall trends and developments in SRH/FP funding from Countdown 2030 European countries in 2018, including both FP2020 commitment makers and non-pledging nations.

For more information on our tracking visit our data dashboard where we keep count of European donor countries’ commitments for global development on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Illustration: Ivonne Navarro