Six Criteria for Donor Engagement with the Private Sector

In this policy brief, we set out six criteria that we believe donor governments should be guided by as they increasingly seek to mobilise private sector resources in support of development objectives. Financing mechanisms aimed at mobilising private sector resources are heavily focused on areas such as infrastructure development, and only to a much smaller extent on social sectors. Yet, there is increasing interest in relying on such mechanisms more strongly also in relation to health, including sexual and reproductive health and family planning. Examples of the current use of such mechanisms in relation to health include public-private partnerships relied on for the financing and running of healthcare facilities, and the Global Financing Facility, which is looking to mobilise additional international and domestic private and public resources specifically for reproductive, maternal, new-born and child health.

Click here to read the policy brief: C2030E_Six Criteria for Donor Engagement with the Private Sector.pdf

Illustration: Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong for OBI x Fine Acts