SheDecides: Spotlight on Countdown 2030 Europe Countries

This report, commissioned by Countdown 2030 Europe, provides an initial overview of the commitments to date by Countdown 2030 Europe’s country governments as part of the SheDecides initiative. 

The analysis showcases that so far, €84 million Euros has been committed by six Countdown 2030 European governments, and that following the SheDecides conference in March 2017, Ministers have continued to advocate for the initiative, leading to broader political support and reinforcing Sexual and Reproductive Health as a priority issue for Official Development Assistance. 

Countdown 2030 Europe applauds governments for their commitments and pledges so far, but more needs to be done to reverse the trend and address the funding crisis facing global SRH and family planning programmes.

Click here to read more: SheDecidesSpotlightonEurope_C2030E_Report_FINAL_.pdf

Illustration: David Espinosa for Fine Acts