EU development funding – ensuring EU support for FP and RH

Countdown 2030 Europe’s factsheet for EU stakeholders aims to raise awareness of the need for the EU to continue supporting family planning and reproductive health, and the mechanisms for doing so.

It highlights why the EU has a unique and important role in supporting FP/RH, gives an overview of EU support under the previous development funding framework (2007-2013) and explains why and how existing strong commitments should be scaled up under the next development funding framework (2014-2020), even though there is no guarantee in the new funding instruments that funding will adequately reflect those commitments. The factsheet makes six concrete recommendations to stakeholders on how they can help strengthen EU support to FP/RH in broader development funding instruments.

Read the factsheet below, or download it here: Ensuring EU support for family planning and reproductive health.

Photo: IPPF_Xaume-Olleros_Mali