Rights under pressure

Crises and conservatism are jeopardizing sexual and reproductive health and rights. Now is the time to restate not rip up their place in development, say Europe’s progressive governments.

The year 2020 is a tense moment for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic threatens years of hard-won progress on gender equality and SRHR, and risks pushing them to the fringes of development agendas. Climate change, conflict, record numbers of displaced people, and the resurgence of ultra-conservative forces also pose a danger to SRHR, jeopardizing the wellbeing of billions of women and girls and society at large.

Long before COVID-19 struck, progressive governments in Europe were at the forefront of global action to support SRHR. Now, as crises worsen on multiple fronts, the fight is on to protect the budgets and breathing space needed if these plans are to survive, let alone thrive.

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Photo credit: IPPF/Isabel Corthier