Contraception for all women and girls worldwide

Countdown 2015 Europe partner in the Netherlands, Rutgers, has launched a campaign #HappyBirthControl asking public to show support for contraceptive access worldwide.

In the Netherlands, all kinds of contraception are available. Access to contraceptives is taken for granted, just as it is taken for granted that one can make choices about their childbearing.

However, contraception is unattainable for many people worldwide. In many countries, sexuality and contraception is overshadowed by taboos and health risks. All women and girls should have access to contraception and should have the right and the freedom to make their own choices about pregnancy and childbirth. To ensure that girls and women actually gain access to contraceptives, we need policies and funding, as well as removal of socio-cultural barriers.

 In 2012, governments and organisations from 20 countries, including the Dutch government, were brought together by a goal to ensure that by 2020 at least 120 million additional women and girls use contraception. Public support helps to keep that goal high on political agenda. Therefore Rutgers is asking to like and share the Facebook posts Hoera (g)een baby and/or post a picture of the Hoera (g)een baby postcard with hashtags #HappyBirthControl on your social media channels and contribute to the conversation. These postcards are also available in more than 750 pharmacies across the Netherlands

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This is a Countdown 2015 Europe event in series “Advance Human Rights, Invest in Family Planning”.

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