2030 Agenda adopted: What’s next?

Now that the 2030 Agenda has been adopted, Countdown 2015 Europe  partners will continue their advocacy towards European governments and the EU institutions to ensure the Agenda becomes a reality on the ground. 

C2015E partners are advocating towards their governments to ensure they bring policy and funding priorities in line with the commitments of the Agenda and involve civil society in the development of national implementation plans. The consortium is also advocating for the setting up of strong accountability mechanisms at national, regional and global levels to monitor progress towards the implementation of the Agenda.

At the same time, the process of the development of indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will assess the status of implementation of the SDG targets, is still ongoing. These indicators are currently being developed by a group of national statistical officers of UN Member States and will be agreed at the next session of the UN Statistical Commission in March 2016. C2015E partners are advocating towards their governments and national statistical offices to ensure the indicator framework adopted will include strong indicators in relation to reproductive health and family planning.