How digitalisation and sexual and reproductive health and rights can strengthen one another

Digitalisation offers amazing opportunities for health and empowerment around the world, but ensuring equitable participation in the internet age throws up many challenges, and the stakes are highest in vulnerable and underserved communities, particularly for women and girls.

The European Commission has made supporting the digital transformation a priority of its development cooperation, and the EU’s strategy with Africa identifies it as a strategic pillar. Now Europe must work to get global digitalisation right if it is to deliver on its commitments to leave no one behind and achieve Agenda 2030. The EU and its partner countries should seize the opportunity to invest in digitalisation and ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including services, information and education, as well as promotion of gender equality and human rights in the digital world.

Our factsheet explores how this can be achieved.

Photo: © Valentina Zwertbroek